Intersales has implemented an assembly area to meet our client’s industrial requirements. Our mission is to meet our clients’ industrial construction and assembly needs nationwide, delivering maximum reliability in each of the projects we execute. This confidence is based on our ongoing commitment to providing clients with an integral service supported by our quality management systems, and in compliance with current safety and environmental regulations.

Our Guarantee
Our highly qualified professionals have wide work experience in key mega projects at home and major projects abroad, the most emblematic involving:

  • Installation of conventional boilers, open cycle, combined cycle and recuperative
  • Installation of conveyor belts
  • Installation of crushers, primary, secondary, tertiary, and jaws
  • Sieves
  • Installation of metal structures and boilers
  • Manufacture and installation of storage tanks for water, petrol, oil, etc.
  • Manoeuvers and calculations for high-tonnage assembly
  • Manufacture and installation of pipelines
  • Manufacture and assembly of piping
  • Installation of electrostatic precipitators
  • Resurfacing

Within the specialty of turbines, we have a professional team with vast experience, recognized by the majority of the generating companies in the country, and some abroad.  They have been involved in flagship projects, and with machinery of various brands including Siemens, Ansaldo, etc.

Among the companies for whom Intersales Ltd has provided turbine maintenance services are:

• Rapel Power Station
• Bocamina Power Station
• El Toro Power Station
• Huayco Power Station
• Punta Arenas Power Station
• Sauzal-Sauzalito Power Station
• Cipreses Power Station
• Pullinque Power Station
• Ventana Power Station, Nº 1 and Nº 2
• Chilloncito Substation
• Colbun Power Station

Our company is registered in SICEP (Rating System for Providers of Goods and Services).

Bureau Veritas
Pipeline installation for the reception of extraction pipe water for SCI, from the Interacid dock, Copec S.A.
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