INTERSALES is a limited liability company, located in the city of Antofagasta, which serves
the industrial sector of the large mining companies located in the geographical area between
Chile’s first and third regions.  Founded seven years ago, its principal customers are:

• Escondida Mining Company
• Zaldivar Mining Company
• Michilla Mining Company
• Esperanza Mining Company
• Lomas Bayas Mining Company

Intersales’ main products are chemical  treatment programs (involving one or more products)
to solve problems generated by wastewater in industry and specific applications for the
industrial process utilized, generating value added for clients, measured normally by return
on the investment.

The principal company represented by Intersales is Ashland Specialty Chemical, Drew
Industrial Division
, a multinational company dedicated to the chemical treatment of
industrial wastewater, with U.S. sales of approximately $ 16,000 million worldwide.

In addition,  Intersales supplies chemicals and provides solutions in Industrial Automation,
covering the areas of Instrumentation, Process Control, Oil Hydraulics, and Pneumatics.

Our team of engineers and technicians is at your disposition for the development of your
Engineering and Industrial Maintenance projects.

Bureau Veritas
Our vision is to be a company that provides integral solutions in the area of chemical
treatment programs, supplies chemicals and reagents for industrial plants, and provides the
latest high-tech solutions in equipment and systems for industrial automation.

Our mission is to develop chemical treatment programs to solve problems generated by
industrial wastewater, with a detailed cost-benefit analysis,  provide chemical products
and reagents for chemical plants, and supply components and systems for the
automation of production processes in the most important industrial sectors of the
country, delivering quality and productivity in each of the solutions developed for our

Our Core Values are based on a spirit of perseverance and a concern for people, both
clients and collaborators, in their professional and personal development.

Our Operating Values focus on innovation, service, and teamwork, both within our
company and with our clients.
Av. Ruta del Cobre # 565, sector industrial la negra • Antofagasta - Chile • Fono: +56 (55) 590 880 • Fax +56 (55) 590 885• E-mail: