Solutions for Industrial Processes

In the industrial sector, we have the support of manufacturers’ representatives, and distribute valves, positioners, and parts such as EIM Controls.  In addition, the solid technical training of our professionals allows us to deliver engineering solutions for industrial processes based on our clients’ requirements.

Bureau Veritas
Stonel is a leader in the management of processing and communication of valves in industrial processes.

Stonel has developped network technology based on buses which permit the interconnection of computer networks and field instruments to respond quickly and effectively to the particular challenges of all types of plants and processes.

Stonel offers advanced solutions for the interconnection of computer networks and products for valve communications and services, backed by superior engineering and garanteed by the experience gained in installing equipment in the most important plants.
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EIM Controls Inc is a manufacturer of high quality actuators for control valves, and is a pioneer in product innovation and technological upgrading.

EIM Controls designs and manufactures each product to exceed customer expectations for superior performance and a prolonged life cycle of operation. The EIM's ISO 9001 certification garantees high quality and confirms our ongoing commitment to product innovation. For over fifty years the products of EIM Controls have been known for their rugged construction and long-term reliability.
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