500 Watts/ hour

Polyester plates are hardened and the interior has a mesh finish made from
nickel chromium (amorphous metal smelting), which does not rust or deteriorate
in any way. With a consumption of 500 W/h, it easily heats a surface area of
9 m2. Floor mesh heating consumes 125 Watts/ m2. The plate or heating panel
measures 1.10 cm high, 44 cm wide, is 6 mm thick, and reaches a temperature
of 90ºC.  It can be painted, washed, perforated, used with ceramic, stone, etc.
It can be installed in offices, workplaces, containers, apartments, bathrooms,
etc, as its heat is clean, safe, and does not consume oxygen.

Performance can be increased even more with the use of a thermostat.  It may
be attached to walls, ceilings, or put on a metal bases for mobile use

• Low power consumption
• Clean and safe energy, non-polluting
• Ultra thin, enhancing space-saving
• Can be attached to walls, easy to install
• Optimal performance in rooms up to 9 m2,  per panel

Heating Applications
Houses, apartments, bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, corridors, laboratories,
nurseries, etc.

Technical Features
• Consumption 500 Watts/H
• Voltage 220-230V ac
• Thermostat can be installed
• Width 44 cm, length 114 cm, thickness 6 cm
• International certification
• Patented israeli technology, based on amorphous metal

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