In collaboration with the manufacturers Optimux Controls and Yamatake, Intersales Ltd provides automation services for control valves, using pneumatic actuators and intelligent digital positioners

Optimux Controls offers its line of various types of control valves, actuators, and digital positioners.

Models of control valves include:
• Globe type valves, model OpGL
• Butterfly type valves, model OpDx
• Ball type valves, model OpVee
• Eccentric shutter valves, model OpEx

Yamatake Corporation provides factory automation solutions that ensure the highest levels of quality, economy, and productivity for the world's leading manufacturers of semiconductors, automobiles, and electronic and electrical devices. Yamatake is a manufacturer of advanced controllers, sensors, and a wide range of products.

In the field of automated control valves, Yamatake supplies pneumatic actuators and intelligent positioners compatible with the communication protocols HART ® and Foundation Fieldbus.
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